Lenovo’s ThinkPad

Its all about IBM selling its PC business to Chinese maker Lenovo this morning. Big New York Times profiles the little known Chinese giant, just in time to see trading in its shares suspended Monday morning “pending an announcement regarding price sensitive information.” The Times reports that HP executives are popping the champagne, though they might be the ones waking up with a major hangover. Many are worried about buying something which carries IBM ThinkPad brand name but not IBM’s backing. Anyone remember how quickly TI-branded laptops became persona non-grata, once the business was sold to Acer. Mean while, The Wall Street Journal reports that : Lenovo has its own set of problems. “For the past two years Lenovo has been losing domestic market share to multinational manufacturers, whose technical sophistication is winning over customers. The Chinese PC market is now the world’s second-largest after the United States.” (Got to love the Journal for their no-nonsense reporting!)