Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the Pocket PC


Brad Isaac of Pocket PC Addict has published a review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 7 for the Pocket PC.  He provides a thorough look at the setup and training required on the desktop as well as the dictation on the Pocket PC.  I am a big fan of speech recognition and the Dragon program is certainly the front-runner in this genre.  Speech recognition takes a lot of CPU horsepower so all recognition is done on the desktop with the Pocket PC relegated to simply recording the information to be recognized later.  Dragon’s approach is a good one as they generate an additional speech profile from the recorded speech on the Pocket PC.  Brad is particularly impressed (as am I) with Dragon’s ability to scan the sent box in the email client along with the documents folder to determine the writing style of the user prior to initial dictation.  This results in a high accuracy rate with almost no training at all.  Read the review to get the whole picture.



Bridgette Nicholson

I work with students who have learning and physical disabilities. Many of them use Dragon Naturallyspeaking. Does anyone know which PDA’s work best at recording voice for later transcription on the PC? Preferably in the lower price range since we’re talking schools with limited budgets.


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