Bono hooks up with Lara Croft?


laracroft.jpgScotland on Sunday reports that rock star Bono is about to hook-up with Lara Croft, the sultry bionic woman of every video gaming geek’s dreams. Actually he is in serious talks to acquire ailing computer games publisher Eidos, which owns the Lara Croft and Tomb Raider title. Serious misses by the company have resulted in company falling apart, and as a result it has decided to sell itself to anyone with right kind of offer.

bono.jpgChief executive Mike McGarvey is keen to stage a management buyout, and has been talking to two venture capital funds – Elevation Partners, based in Silicon Valley, in which Bono, whose real name is Paul David Hewson, became managing director in June. Elevation was established by Roger McNamee, a technology investor, and John Riccitiello, a former president of American computer games giant Electronics Arts, to invest $1bn into media and entertainment companies. Curiously, why would Elevation back McGarvey, after all on his watch the company has fallen apart. And if it suddenly starts doing well, well the share holders might and should perhaps take an action against this dude. No information on the second fund as of now, but I am sure it must be one of the buyout funds flush with big dollars these days.

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