Welcome Weblog Awards visitors

Jk_icon_medium_1We are getting a lot of visitors from the 2004 Weblog Awards where jkOnTheRun is in the Best Tech Blog category so I thought it would be helpful to those who have never come to the site before to give you a little linked overview to stuff you might find of interest.

jkOTR covers a lot of ultra-portable computers and our Sony U-70 review has been read by over 200,000 visitors since it was Slashdotted shortly after release.  Many articles about the little Sony can be accessed directly through this link.  There are a number of articles about real world usage of the Sony as this is my specialty.  We don’t just talk about tech, we tell you how we use it.

You can also find a lot of other reviews on jkOTR, and we have a good coverage of items related to the Tablet PC.  Welcome to jkOnTheRun and if you’re looking for a particular topic you can search the site through the Google search in the upper right hand corner on any page.  You will also find all articles listed by category in the right sidebar on any page.  Have a look around and stay awhile- you are most welcome here.


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