iPass for worldwide connectivity

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Ipass_mainhdr_logo_2 Mobile professionals need to stay connected no matter where their travels may take them.  Road warriors usually have a modem, phone cable, ethernet cable and WiFi to choose from in the typical notebook computer and for good reason.  Depending on where you travel either in the US or worldwide will determine which of the above methods you might end up using to connect to the Internet or the office.  Finding hotspots is not all that easy because many different carriers operate them and an account on one usually won’t work on another.  And if WiFi is not available then you need both a dialup account and more importantly a local dialup number to use for emergency connections.  In the past it’s not always been an easy problem to solve but there is an option that people who travel a lot should consider.

iPass is a provider that has inked deals with many different carriers that lets their customers use their services without having to deal with those carriers.  You sign up for an iPass account and depending on which type of account you have either pay a flat fee for usage (in the US) or you pay as you go.  You just deal with iPass instead of the other carriers, such as T-Mobile.  iPass has some good carriers to choose from in 150 countries that provide over 13,000 WiFi hotspots and extensive dialup service for those locales that don’t have WiFi.  You can get connected virtually anywhere in the world and only have to deal with the one iPass account and customers swear by this service.  Full information is on the iPass web site including demos showing how the service works while still maintaining a high level of security.

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Just watch the charges when roaming. I live in the Antipodes, and when in the UK, the charges are simply outrageous. Worth it, yes, but yikes is it pricey!

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