Apple Not Supporting Dual Layer DVD Burning (yet)?


Recently, macbidouille reported on some PowerMac systems having the oddly named DVD burning drive, ‘DVR-117’. It turns out they’re dual layer, 16x dvd burning drives.

So let’s celebrate, right? This is great news! Well no. Apparently Apple has decided to half the speed, to a more familiar 8x, and disable the dual layer writing support.

Reports have said that Patchburn is useful for helping Toast to recognize the DVR-117 for what it really is, and burn successfully at 16x (with the appropriate media), but native OS X burning will still be limited to 8x single layer burns.

I imagine we’ll be seeing full dual-layer support come Tiger (10.4), but it seems odd that Apple would begin shipping disabled dual layer burners at this point in time. My fingers are crossed that it’s small tip of Apple’s hat, that Tiger will be in our hands sooner than later in 2005.

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