Clarion to Offer Automobile/iPod Integration

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At the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), car-audio manufacturer, Clarion will be debuting their initial offering of iPod integration with your car. While it sounds like you’ll need their in-dash DVD player/monitor for full integration, there’s also mention of a CD receiver model to be released at sometime in the coming year, so those who can’t (or don’t want to) spring for an entire DVD system can relax a skosh.

The DVD system (VRX755VD) will feature a 7 inch touch screen with iPod integration supporting Playlists, Songs, and Artist Information on it’s control screen.

Throw the iTunes Visual Effects in there somehow and it’d be a pretty sweet setup for those who can afford it (myself, not being one of them…)

EDIT:Apparently a couple images (Clarion graphic renderings or real, I cannot discern) have popped-up of the VRX755VD (The DVD system). click here to see them

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