Sony U750P available for purchase


Vgnu750p_1 The Sony Style web site now has the Sony Vaio U750P available for purchase.  The U750P is an upgraded U70 that has the following specs:

  • Intel® Pentium® M Processor Ultra Low Voltage 733 (1.10 GHz, 2MB L2 Cache)
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
  • Integrated 802.11b/g wireless LAN
  • Accessory pack included for ultimate versatility
  • 512MB RAM and 20GB
  • You can get one of these babies for $1,999.99 and don’t overlook the specials that Sony offers with purchase:

    • Free shipping
    • Free printer (mail-in rebate)
    • Free smart watch
    • Free memory upgrade (don’t think this one applies)
    • 18 months same as cash


    Joe T.

    JK, thanks much, didn’t expect a response, very helpful as I have no experience with either device. What has struck me from reading your pages and the posts is the disparate uses of these things. Airplanes, cars, doctors, students, consultants, “TTY-for-the-deaf,” etc. Put in enough trick, good technology and sometimes people discover uses that maybe even the manufacturers didn’t imagine. Your writings here are making our imaginations come alive, recalling some of our odd, individual needs, and finding solutions through these devices. Thanks.


    Joe, thanks for the nice words but I don’t know about the more intelligent part. :) For the use you have described here I would go with the larger Tablet. It’s easier to see and the built-in mic will make it easier to use than a USB headset. Remember that unless it is easy to use most likely your Mom won’t keep using it. Good luck with your efforts.

    Joe T.

    JK, your writing on these subjects is the best. Thanks for all of them, it’s like I have this more intelligent version of myself, answering all my questions, and more, about UPCs/Tablets/Inking usage.

    Now, what to do, wait for newer Toshiba M200 tablet or go with U750P non-tablet with cramped writing space and no mic (looking for a machine to easily put in front of 95-year old almost-deaf Mom and talk at it and she can see the words she can’t hear. New Toshiba with better viewing angles would provide that, but with not-so-great portability. Sony is sooo portable, but I would need to wear a USB mic (I think there’s such an arrangement possible), and don’t know if the print could be big enough.

    In other words, I’m hoping that someone will loan you a convertible 12.1″ tablet, and then that smarter version of myself will have answered these questions.

    Thanks again, my favorite reading, I print and re-read, so I don’t miss anything.


    I just called Sony Style this morning… You can order them, but they won’t ship until 12/15.

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