R/C Bird- if you love it set it free


Rc_bird Something about R/C aircraft just gets people going. Man can’t fly so we transpose that long standing desire onto little aircraft that we can control as they soar through the sky.  A company called TrendTimes has something even better just in time for the holidays that should get junior aviators going.  Imagine a bird that both flies and glides, all under total control.   For $300 you care have just that with the Remote Control 3 Channel Robotic Bird.  Check out the short video.

Now you too can soar the skies with your new remote control bird. Brand new and constructed of high impact materials making this one tough bird! To see the video of our rc robotic bird in action please download the video by clicking here (please be patient while it loads). Built around a carbon fiber chassis with a very tough strong frame work wrapped in a flexible foam body to absorb impacts. This new rc model works just like a real bird. The wings even flap up and down and the tail twists left and Right. This provides the forward motion. Your new rc bird will do loops too and the package comes complete with 3ch RC equipment installed and a lithium Polymer Battery and charger giving up to 25 minutes of useful battery life. Comes ready to fly!

(R/C Bird via TRFJ)

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