Clever Cactus anyone


Folks, Clever Cactus, a company I have mentioned in the past is running out of cash. That is a shame. It is a worthy competitor to many of the P2P-sharing applications like Grouper. It is cross platform, and while has somewhat of a clunky interface, is high on functionality. Diego, one of the co-founders is saying that they might have to shutter. What a bloody shame? If these guys were not in Ireland, everyone would be tripping over them offering them cash. I spoke to Paul Kenny, the CEO a few weeks ago, and I just like these guys. Somebody, step up to the plate, because these guys have good technology.


Jesse Kopelman

Hard to fund something in Ireland . . ? Have they hit up the Boston VCs? Everyone I know in Boston (not necessarily VCs, mind you) has some sort of scheme involving Ireland.


Om, thanks very much for the post.

I think you’re right that the situation would be different if we weren’t in Ireland. We tried, but it’s not easy. As I said here “One thing we tried to get across is that we’d be totally open to moving to the US if that’s what it took to get funded. We’d have no problem with that. But then again, not being there, it’s hard to get in the door.”

Thanks again!

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