Six month sentence for having a camera phone in court


A 19 year old man in the UK was sentenced to a six month custodial sentence for taking photos and video during a robbery trial using his camera phone.  I am sure there is a lot more to this story but it drives home the exposure that camera phone owners open themselves up to unwittingly.  Many companies ban cameras and I am sure someone somewhere has gotten in trouble due to the camera. The problem I see (at least in the US) is you can’t find a phone with Bluetooth without a camera.

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I have been hunting for months for a Bluetooth phone that doesn’t have a freakin’ camera! Sony Ericsson made one some time ago called a T68i, but they’re no longer supported by S.E., and they were NEVER supported by my cell provider (Cingular). I cannot have a camera phone where I work (it would be confiscated) and I have many friends that are attorneys, judges, etc. that cannot have a camera phone at work. One would think that the manufacturers would stop pandering to the teeny-bopper crowd, who all think cell phones are toys, and start paying attention to the businesspeople out there (you know, the people with jobs and disposable income for cell service and technology). Just my two cents.


Most major phone manufacturers are offering sans-camera models of their phones due to the overwhelming demand from the business sector for cameraless phones. All kind of silly if you ask me. I almost got homelandsecuritied at the airport when I tried to use my cameraphone to take a picture of this inane video they had at the security checkpoint (“It is prohibited to possess or TALK ABOUT the following items…” and the vid went on to show PowerPoint type images of an AK-47, a stack of dynamite with a timer, etc..). But that, obviously, is a different issue altogether.

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