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Truth About Tip-Top

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Dan Ryan has a very intelligent and coherent analysis of the whole Tip Top issue. “Many comments miss the essential point that this is really just a haggle over price between interconnecting services,” he writes, “After all, VoIP carriers pay for access to SBC’s network already. SBC’s gripe is that they pay less than carriers offering traditional service over the PSTN. What SBC has tariffed isn’t anything novel.” This is a plain-english explaination of the issue, in case you are interested.

One Response to “Truth About Tip-Top”

  1. I agree that all are good points. I wish I had made them. There is one other observation and an open question.

    Since the predominant interconnection agreement is recip comp trunks, CLECs/VoIP service providers get revenue for incoming calls, but under the proposed tariff they will not.

    Since FCC has decalared that VoIP is interstate in nature, will state regulators disallow VoIP providers interconnect under recip comp trunks?