The Real Can U Hear Me Now Dude

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Verizon Wireless’ “Can U Hear Me Now” Dude has come competition. Real life competition. Meet Jason Panineau, who travels in his car, monitoring the US Cellular’s wireless network, reports South Bend Tribune. He basically travels in a plain white unmarked car with cellular phones that automatically make and receive calls at 90 second intervals and keeps track of everything via a Compaq laptop.

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Raj Khanna


This is standard practice among wireless providers – the Verizon dude is not new! Infact, there is a whole sub-industry based on this engineering task -called ‘Optimization’. There are ‘drive test’ tools out there that capture detailed wireless protocol messages by setting up phone calls on the devices attached to them and a laptop computer. These are then reviewed by engineers, like myself, back in an engineering office to try and solve network challenges – dropped/blocked calls, coverage and capacity issues.

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