MERGE your cell phone and landline


MergeA lot of people have either gone cell phone service only or use their cell phone at home to take advantage of calling plans that offer free long distance.  That can be a bit of a pain at times trying to keep track of your cell phone around the house.  A unique product now available called the MERGE lets you use your cell phone from any landline phone in your house.  This convenient solution doesn’t even require landline service.  You can still plug in standard phones in any phone jack in your house and use your cellular line for making and receiving phone calls.

From the comfort of your home phones, you can maximize your free nights, weekends and long distance. Simply place your Motorola cell phone into MERGE, which also charges the phone, and use cellular service to make and receive calls from any home phone. If you have landline service, switching between cellular and landline service is easy. Making the choice between an outgoing landline call or a cellular call is as simple as pressing the # key. MERGE even supports voice dialing for those Motorola cell phones with voice dialing feature. Incoming cell phone calls will have a distinctive ring and display caller ID on your home phones.

The MERGE will cost you $100 and  is available from the MERGE website.  It only works with supported Motorola cell phones which are listed on the site.

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Bruce, go to the MERGE website and ask customer support those questions. I don’t have a MERGE so any answer I give you will almost certainly be wrong.

Bruce Harlow

I presently have (2) LG 6100 cell phones and I want to use MERGE docking and get rid of my (2) landline phones. Do I need to purchase (2) compatable cell phones? Is it also possible to use the 2-line wireless phone with the MERGE? Will I need (2) docking stations, which would be fine as long as each had it’s own numbers?


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