The Firefox Syndrome

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What Firefox has done is shown competitors that giant like Microsoft can be beaten, without venture capital, an IPO or a marquee brand name. All you need is a good product, and consumers will find it. This weekend, I was at a Thanksgiving dinner, and one guest who was non-techie was thinking about switching to Firefox. David Galbraith thinks that Firefox is a sign of a disease which Microsoft needs to fight quite aggressively or see its hold on Middle Earth crumble.

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Sean Garrett

My Firefox Thanksgiving Day experience was even more telling. I’ve been a happy, but quiet, beta user of Firefox for months. However, I couldn’t load the application on my 18-year-old brother’s home computer fast enough after being thwarted by spyware and adware so frequently that IE was basically useless on his computer. How many others will learn that Firefox is a quick and easy way to absolve yourself from past download sins?

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