Opera’s new Fit-to-Window Technology

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Operalogo I have commented recently about the big push Opera Software is making into the mobile gadget sector and it seems they are still hard at work.  This important news from MobileRead Networks:

Opera Software is pitching a new idea that promises to put and end to the problem of rendering Web pages effectively regardless of screen size.

A couple of days ago the company announced its new Extensible Rendering Architecture (ERA), blending together all of the company’s existing rendering technologies — including Small- and Medium-Screen Rendering (SSR/MSR) for mobile devices and TV-rendering — to tackle the problem head on with dynamic resizing.

Opera’s ERA technology enables dynamic resizing to adapt Web page content to fit any width – from projectors to mobile phones, and everything in between. Furthermore, printing Web pages will often leave out parts because the Web page is wider than the paper, and ERA can make the Web page fit the width of the paper for complete printouts.

A preview of ERA is available in the Opera 7.60 Technical Preview 3 desktop browser. Let’s hope that they simulaneously also work on a new Pocket PC and Palm version that could potentially challenge NetFront as my currently favorite mobile browser.

(via MobileRead Networks)

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Brad Isaac

I have been a huge fan of the Opera Web browser for about a year now. What they are creating for their current desktop browser as well as the mobile browsers is ingenious. It puts scripting, customization, spyware fighting and pop-up blocking into the hands of a novice user. An expert can really take advantage of the browser’s power to create even higher level functionality. It would be my guess if they say they can render a full-page screen into a mobile screen they will do it, and they will do it with style.

Oh yeah, I didn’t mention how fast the Opera browser was. I’ve compared it to other browsers on the market including Firefox and it blows them all away. I too, am looking forward to a Pocket PC version.

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