Good gift idea for the computerphobe


Nyt_crosswords We all have family members or friends who are complete computerphobes who do not have any desire to join the electronically gifted.  I am always looking for good ideas for gifts during the holiday season that can help ease these folks into the electronic world without intimidating them.  I think I have the perfect solution this holiday season with the New York Times Electronic Crossword.  The NYT Crossword gadget has 1,000 crossword puzzles from the New York Times in an electronic package that makes solving the puzzles easy and fun.  It utilizes a large touch screen like PDAs that is operated solely with a stylus and it should be a good way to get someone to join the gadgetally inclined with no intimidation.  It runs on two AA batteries and should bring hundreds of hours of fun for those who enjoy crossword puzzles.  The link above will lead you to many different online retailers that carry the nifty device and you can expect to pay about $100 for it.

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