Don’t miss the December Mobile PC Magazine


If you love mobile technology like I do do not miss the December issue of Mobile PC Magazine. I rarely pick up print magazines since so much good information is available online but circumstances had me grabbing the December issue and it is an excellent read.   They count down the top 50 mobile tech innovations for the year and they are spot on with their analysis.

They cover categories of interest to road warriors from digital cameras to remote control software.   A few examples from their list:

#25-   Best proof that not all Tablets suck:  Motion Computing M1400

#16-  Best category smasher: Sony Vaio U50

#14-  Best way to blow a month’s salary:   Sony Vaio X505

The articles are funny and right on the money so check it out. There is a lot of useful information in there too so you can easily justify it to your SO.  :)

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