VoIP: what a year it was

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2004 is going to be remembered as a breakthrough year for VoIP, says EWeek. I said the same thing about three months ago in my Business 2.0 story, Top Technologies of the year. Nevertheless Ellen Muraskin has done a great recap and its a must read in case you missed any of the stuff.

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I am betting that both enterprises and individuals will use both Internet and PSTN for their communication needs. In other words, they will communicate ’Äúin multiple media via data, for authorized, authenticated partners and one via PSTN, for an unknown, untrusted public.’Äù Once we devise a method for the end-points to authenticate between themselves, there is no need for IP communications service providers. This will also address the ’Äúfear factor’Äù issue.

I didn’Äôt know that POTS lines buzz during rain, but the data portion of the same line stays calm.

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