jkOnTheRun is back online


jkOnTheRun is back online and I am beginning to go through the ton of email, RSS feeds and comments that have accumulated over the past week.  I would like to thank everyone for their patience during this trying time and want everyone to know how much the comments, phone calls and emails are appreciated.  They were a wonderful source of comfort to not only me but to my entire family and we thank all of you very much.  It is times like these that demonstrate clearly what a tangible thing online communities really are.  The reaching out from individuals that you may not have actually met in person is truly a powerful thing.  It shows with no uncertainty how good people are when someone is in need.  Thank you again.  The most beautiful thing to me and my family is knowing that over 20,000 people have seen the tribute to my father and it is such a great feeling to know that a man that was such a good friend to me has touched so many people who didn’t have the good luck to know him.  Dad would really like that.  Thank you all.

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