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Cell Phone Makers Fast Getting In Tune With Emergence Of Digital Music

This is an interesting article about the preparations by various players in the mobile phone industry for playing digital music on mobile phones, and the positioning of the companies in an attempt to control the channel. Problems include the relatively low memory of mobile phones, prompting the development of a 256 MB removable memory chip for mobile phones and Samsung to include a 1.5 GB harddrive in one handset in South Korea. The manufacturers want to produce phones that can transfer songs from a computer, and Motorola has gone as far as working out a deal with Apple to access its iTunes store. Naturally the carriers don’t like this as it eats into their ability to sell music over their network, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the larger carriers simply refused to promote the handsets in their store.
In other mobile music news Vodafone has signed a deal with German company CoreMedia to use its digital rights management technology to control access to Vodafone’s content on Live! 3G. Also, Beatnik has released a new version of Mobile Sound Builder, which among other things allows sampled drum loops to provide cd-quality sound while minimising download sizes.

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