Introducing, ConvergSense


Folks, starting today, I am going to be writing a new column on convergence for the Business 2.0 online. This is a bi-weekly column that is going to alternate with my Telecom Report column. I hope you can sign-up for this column to have it delivered in your In-Box. You can read the debut column, here. Here are excerpts…

Though a slow starter, a new era of convergence is upon us, and it is the driving force of change and growth for the entire electronics industry. We’re no longer talking about the PC vs. TV debate, mind you …… Folks are buying new music by virtual truckloads from Apple’s iTunes store, while companies like Vodafone (VOD) are offering television streams on their 3G cell-phone networks. TiVo has entered the popular vernacular, if not the annals of profitability, as it streams cable programming and, soon, Internet programming throughout the home. Radio is leaving its terrestrial roots and is being replaced by signals from the big birds in the sky. Video-on-demand, long an expense item for adventurous cable chief executives, is now as commonplace as a cable set-top box.



Glenn, don’t know what to say, but I will forward this to the appropriate person and see what’s going on. Sorry again!

Glenn Fleishman

I’m getting a farking CGI error from Time-Warner’s Web site when I try to subscribe. Yes, CGI. Plain text. No error trapping. Asks me to tell the administrator to check logs…

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