Welcome, welcome, welcome…


So basically first posts are awkward. You and I both know that. So let’s go ahead and face facts here and sit in awkward silence until the next post is made.



Funny to see that comments for this post are still open…

I just read the announcement about the takeover by GigaOm: Congratulations on what you and the loyal community of contributors have achieved in these years!

Keep up the good work and I trust that with the extra attention and possibilities, TAB will only grow further!


This is my first time visiting your page so it’s only right that I visit the first post. You have a fantastice site!


Hey! Glad to see a Blog about Apple at last done with such style and finesse! Excellent stuff:)

Josh Pigford

Make note that I apparently can’t spell “sit” and also make note that I’m to lazy to edit it.

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