Tiny Voodoo U Do


Rahul Sood of Voodoo PC has been promising me that someday he would build a tiny and light weight laptop. Well he has. Voodoo PC m50 rocks. Tiny: 3.4 pounds, thanks to a tough carbon fiber body and yes that’s with batteries and drives etc. Set you back by about $2K at the very least. Tricked out puppy will put a serious dent in grocery budget for next 12 months.


Andy Abramson


My PC from Portable One (aka Laptops Inc) that I’ve had since September is the same one using the Intel Dothan processor, especially when you trick it out the way I have. Go with the 2.0 gig processor and also add the added memory, faster hard drive.

Andy says, it’s a great VoIP machine and since the only games I play are not PC based the Laptops Inc guys have the same idea but at a better price. They also are awesome at support.

Oh, they chassis for the PC’s from both are really from Asus.

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