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Mobile music comes calling: Seattle’s Melodeo a challenge to iPod

Molodeo has raised a further US$9.5 million in venture capital – bringing its total to US$11.7 million – in order to develop a music service for mobile phones that it hopes will surpass iPod.

The attraction of Melodeo is that it allows a user to search, buy and listen to music from a cellphone, rather than having to download the music on a computer and transfer it to another device. It does this quickly by loading a list of available tracks and artists on the user’s cellphone. The user can then browse and connect to the wireless carrier’s server only when a track is purchased.

The article compares the 550 million cellphones expected to be purchased this year with the 2 million iPods sold, which is a bit of an apples and oranged comparison considering a large number of the cellphones won’t be able to run the service. After all, the article goes on to say that a “typical phone with 64 megabytes of memory has enough space for 75 to 125 songs, using advanced compression technology… Battery life can also be a consideration if a user downloads a lot of songs. Listening to the music, however, isn’t as taxing on the battery.”
If the service is technologically advanced and all the deals can be made with the carriers and music companies it might go over quite well, especially with people who don’t feel any particular urge to own and carry around 1000 songs.