Hello Canada. This is VoIP


Mark Evans hopes Vonage’s marketing campaign is going to kickstart the VoIP business in Canada, but is not that optimistic. Local calls are really cheap he says. NRI/Michael Sohn Associates expects there will be 1.1 million residential households using an Internet telephony service by 2007. At present around 25,000 Canadians are using VoIP.



In the same link that you quote, Mark Evans roughly estimates that it is worth $2B by comparing to 8×8. To which Citron is reportedly “had a smile on his face much like a cat looks like after he’s swallowed the canary.” (All from Mark)


I subscribe to Vonage Canada and I did the math. Bell Canada’s no frill service = $23 pre-tax. Add Voice Mail and Caller ID = $15. Add 500 minutes of LD in North America = approx. $20. Total Bell bill = $58. I bought Vonage’s $19.95 package with 500 mins and all the frills (Caller ID, Vmail, etc). The incoming calls are free. My bill is now 1/3 what it was. BTW, I have a cel for 911 and power outages.


Aswath, I missed the $2 billion valuation bit. can you email me the link or something?

Jeremy C. Wright

Primus already does this, it’s called VoiceBroadband or something. They have almost a million customers already.

Primus is The Little Telco That Could.


You omitted the other interesting point that Vonage is worth $2B and Citron’s reaction to that estimate.

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