Goodbye to a great man


My father was one of those people who understood that to achieve greatness could only be done through maintaining strength of character in all that you do.  He instilled in his children the unerring credo that you must always do the right thing.  It doesn’t matter if doing the right thing is difficult, or if doing the right thing is the popular thing to do.  What matters is you always stay true to your convictions, and your actions must be consistent with your beliefs.

My father was a very simple man.  Some people might say he was too simple in this world that is growing ever more complex.  But he understood that in everything there is a right way and a wrong way to do things and the only option is to do the right thing.  He once told me you build your reputation in the world by always taking the higher ground.  You build that reputation one positive action at a time and you are the only one who can tear that reputation down through your own actions.  Not your detractors, not your enemies, only you can tear your reputation down.  He once confided in me that he didn’t understand why people didn’t just treat others with respect and compassion.  He was continually confused by this fact so obvious to him but one that is often not followed by others.  It’s a question I cannot answer, in fact I’m not sure there is an answer.

My father instilled in me a strong work ethic, for working as hard as you can is the only way to have no doubts about yourself at the end of the day.  He taught all his children to always help others, for some day we might need help ourselves and good deeds have a way of getting repaid when the time is right.  He taught us to be strong for those around us, but not to be afraid to bend when you have to.  He was a man that others knew they could depend on in their time of need.  He taught us that leading by example was the best way to be true to yourself, and to those around you. 

My father lived a hard life, but he took that in stride and did the best that he could with the cards he was dealt.  And in so doing, he taught us to do the same.  Don’t cry about it, fix it was his philosophy, and it was a lesson hard learned, as important lessons often are.  He showed us that when you have troubles, the best course is often to set your own troubles aside and help those less fortunate than yourself.  Most importantly of all, he taught us that we are not the most important thing in the world.  Instead, the most important things were those around us.  He lived his life being there for the people that needed him, and those who knew and loved him will always thank him for that.

My father always led by example and to those of us fortunate enough to know him that example was a very good one.  He was not a man to get lost in the fluff of life, instead he believed you lay a solid foundation in the life that you have and then you build on that foundation until the structure is a good, strong structure.  You build your character one deed at a time until the structure defines the person behind it.  And then you open that structure up to your loved ones so that they might be protected by it too. 

My father was a great man.  He touched everyone around him in such a positive way.  He loved his family with a passion that was unquestioned, and he was proud of each of us in so many ways.  He is the reason that we have become the people we are today, and I thank him for that.  For I can think of no better thing in the world than to be the legacy of this man.  Thank you Dad for all that you’ve done.  Thank you Dad for showing us to always think of others.  Thank you Dad for all the examples you set for us.  And thank you Dad for being there for me when I needed you.  You are so missed but you live on in all those you have touched.

James Grady Kendrick

November 1, 1916 – November 21, 2004



I just came across this site while searching on the web. And your writing literally described my father that I lost last summer in a tragic boating accident. Your words were a reminder to me of the amazing man my father was and it is important to take time to reflect, even though it hurts. I am the middle of three girls. My dad has his hands full. But what a footprint and special place he has on my heart. Thank you for writing and I hope that through the past few years God has comforted you in ways nothing in this world can. Your tears are always seen : )

Dave Shearon

I lost my Mom in September and had the opportunity to speak about her at her funeral. It is good to be able to be truly thankful for the models parents have set. I strive to do the same. May your family be blessed this Thanksgiving.

Pedro Porrello

Unfortunatelly I can not say the same about my dad, however my main objective in life is that my kids feel the same way about me when I pass away as you feel now about your dad. There is no better proof of having achieved ultimate success in life than this. Some how I had forgotten and you have just reminded me, thank you so much for this. —Peter

Marc Orchant

James: Just beautiful. The gifts you have received from your dad are treasures and have helped make you the person you are today. You’ve given me two inspirations by sharing your deep love for your dad. First, to remember how important it is, in ways both large and small, to always strive to tbe the best role model I can be for my kids. Second, to make sure I do a much better job of letting my dad know as often as I can how much he has given to me and how much I love hime (mom too!).

You’re in my thoughts and prayers buddy.


Jon Dee

Reading your wonderful words about your Dad reminded me of my own Grandfather. Isn’t it great when you’re lucky enough to have wonderful role models like your Dad who help to steer your life in a positive direction? Moving words well written from the heart. Thanks JK. Please accept my condolences on your loss.


That was a very moving column, Jk. My sympathies to you and your family on your loss.


It’s clear that your father was not only a loving dad, but a standout role model. And through this memorial tribute, his life also touches mine. Thanks for sharing with us.

Kevin C. Tofel

James, both your father and his son are truly wise. It’s clear that your dad imparted his wisdom and love upon you, which are the greatest gifts one one can leave to another.

I hope that my son learns these lessons as your father’s son has. There is none other responsible for your life than you, yourself; none other that can make your decisions for you or take care of your issues. These are the things that you must find your own strength to change and overcome.

I know that you will come out a stronger and better person from this tragic loss. You may not see that destination now, but that’s because you are still on the journey; you will know when you arrive. Your friends will be there waiting for you.

Peace – KCT

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