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CellPhone, Fashion Accessory

Is cell phone a fashion accessory? We think it is, so does Nokia and Samsung. The Feature disagrees, and writes, “Even worse, the simple act of needing to switch between phones, most likely by transferring the SIM card, may be seen as too much of a pain to be worth it. So between swapping SIM cards and choosing which phone for what occasion, having multiple phones adds a mental transaction cost that many won’t want to pay.”

2 Responses to “CellPhone, Fashion Accessory”

  1. Mike, I went back and re read your piece. You are right, but it was a tough to figure that out in first read. i guess stuffy head does that to you. anyway i agree, its like a car thing. you have your daily phone aka Nokia 6620 and then you have something that makes you happy when at a club or somehting.

  2. Hey Om,

    Sorry, perhaps I wasn’t clear… The phone is a fashion accessory, but not so much that I think people will be buying six or seven and swapping out SIMs just so they look cool. It’s a fashion accessory more like the way a car is… most people have one at a time.