Treo 650 problems…


Treo 650 is already proving to be a problem for early adopters. Oops!



I have had the same critical problem with my Treo 650. I had heard wonderful things about this phone and I got it in April. Every once in a while it woudl recycle itself…THEN about three weeks ago it turns itself off and the Palm app resets itself ALL OF THE TIME. Now, I can’t even recieve any calls, when I try and turn the phone on it will turns itself off right away. I have been waiting for a replacement for about five days now. They also wouldn’t replace it before I tried a different SIM in it. I have now tried three different SIM’s and it has done NOTHING!!! I am very dissapointed and disgruntled with Palm and Cingular for having compatability issues!!!!

Does anyone know what to do?


Well it is now 12JUN05 and I am on my 4th Treo 650 in 3 weeks, all coming from Cingular.
1st kept power cycling its self.
2nd could not find camera
3rd would reset after going to Versamail.
4th does the same reset after going to Versamail.
I am getting very disappointed.
We have even changed out the SIM card at the Cingular store (even using the Sales persons card) before getting this new phone.
Not cool Palm.

Om Malik

i think this is a major system error – that cannot be fixed, maybe you need to use the new software update. perhaps the best thing is to call Palm One and see what’s wrong. this is major issue


Got a Treo 650 lately. This is not working well. As soon as I put in a SIM Card an start the phone it just dies or re-boots. Tried several SIM cards, same result. Same after a complete device swap. Error message after a crash: “A reset was caused at xxx while running xxx: HALRadioAcDc.c, Line:441, Host wake not asserted in time”. Any Help??

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