Auto translation with ECTACO SpeechGuard


Ectaco_speech_to_speech_translator_1 A gadget that might appeal to frequent international travellers the ECTACO SpeechGuard TL-4 can translate over 4,200 phrases into seven popular European and Asian languages.  What makes this gadget so potentially useful is its ability to translate spoken phrases into those other languages.  It sells for about $400.

Ultimate Linguistic Resource

  • The list of offered topics includes: Everyday Conversation, Traveling, Transport, Hotel, Restaurant, Shopping, Bank and Telephone, Sightseeing and My SpeechGuard
  • User-defined topics and phrases can be added in My SpeechGuard
  • English speech recognition
  • Voice output in German, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Italian
  • Search for single words or whole phrases
  • Voice prompted navigation

Additional Features

  • MultiMedia Card slot (Card included) for simplified content replacement and updates
  • Volume Control
  • Touch screen (320×240 pixels)
  • Screen backlight
  • Built-in microphone and 2W high quality speaker
  • Auto Off function will shut off translator when it’s idle
  • AC adapter is included in the package

(via I4U)

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