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Keith Amodt is the product manager for the Vulcan FlipStart, an innovative ultra-portable due out next year.  Keith has started a blog with user commentary on Handtops so if you have an interest in this tiny computer check out what Keith has to say.




No, they are at work on this fantastic product. News, or the product should come around Fall time, 2006. Until then, keep that piggy bank rolling.



It seems pretty dead to me now. The competition has long passed the FlipStart and I just don’t think they will ever produce a commercial product. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think so.

Bill C.

What is the status of the FlipStart? It’s been about 2 years since first annoucement.



Check out http://discussion.brighthand.com and search Bible.

On the PocketPC, there are a ton of great Bible applications, Adobe Acrobat Bibles formated for the PocketPC, and tons of users that comment on reading the Bible using the PocketPC.

Microsoft Reader even provides a way to write in annotations or comments in the electronic Bibles.

King James, NIV, and other Bibles have been available for some time.

Powerful PocketPCs can be bought new for less than $249 at Dell and under $100 on eBay.


This device, without any of the wireless features – if priced right – would make Bible students very happy if the keyboard permitted them to make word and phrase queries of preloaded versions of the Bible.

With the wireless features, Bible students could access Bible Gateway, and other sites, to conduct wireless word and phrase searches.

The Bible is still the leading book sold and a device this size could replace the traditional printed Bible because of the feature that enables word/phrase searches (which helps when a keyboard/pad is present.

I suggest variations on the device with lower pricing for customers who only want to use it for Bible (or other single book) studies.

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