Backdoor advertising- paying to get stories Slashdotted


Slashdot has evolved into such an influential web site that it has spawned a verb- slashdotted.  When someone publishes an article on their web site and it gets posted to the front page of Slashdot it can generate tens of thousands of visitors in just a few days, something that most web sites would kill for.  That’s called being slashdotted and I know it generates tons of traffic, it’s happened to jkOnTheRun.

Jeremy Wright has been a successful blogger as long as anyone and he has parlayed that into "real" work writing tech stories for other sites.  It seems that the web site he writes for commercially has run into some stiff competition and he has come up with a novel way to try and counter it.  Jeremy’s article is an ad for a "Slashdot wizard" who will be paid to get their stories slashdotted.  Here’s the request from his blog:

I work for a news site. A news site which will be negatively affected by a recent Google News announcement. A news site which needs to keep it’s traffic up.

So, we are looking for someone to specifically do just that, by getting stories approved at Slashdot. Do whatever it takes, nothing against the rules. Basically, every story you get approved is 50$ for you.

Sounds kind of like buying votes to me.



Thanks Jeremy. I’ve found with Slashdot that self-submitted stories are rarely accepted. That is probably a good thing the way they work. Your idea is certainly innovative, as are most of your recent efforts. Such as the Resume Wiki and the Blogger Jobs blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Jeremy C. Wright

As always with me, it’s basically “playing to people’s strengths”. We routinely submit stories to Slashdot, as do most news organizations. Few of ours are getting submitted.

So, we figured we’d let someone who’s good at it do the job, and get paid for results. They certainly won’t do any better than we’re doing.

Btw, great blog. Subscribed!

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