Dale Coffing is back!


Pocket PC Passion was such a mainstay in the Pocket PC community that it reverberated like a shot when the site went down a few months back.  Dale Coffing put the passion in the Pocket PC and many people have been waiting for Dale to bring the site back.  Well, it’s back and now going by the moniker mobilePASSION .  Dale is back and promising to build the site better than ever so drop by mobilePASSION and welcome Dale back online.  Why the name change?  Let Dale tell you himself:

With all the changes in the mobility space (and the site going down) I thought this might be the appropriate time to make a shift in the website name focus to cover more of the range in mobile products. Now with Windows Mobile being so much more with the advent of Portable Media Centers, Smartphones, Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, and even things like Tablet PC, Smart Watch, and all the accessories that goes in this genre. It is all about mobility.

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