Clio coming back for more


Clio When it was first introduced in 1999 the Data Evolution Clio was a media darling sparked by the innovative swiveling screen.  It never achieved good sales numbers so it was discontinued a few years ago.  Apparently the company feels the market has changed and have announced the return of the Clio.  The new Clio NXT will have a 9.4 inch screen (still has that cool swivel), USB and integrated WiFi.  It will run on Windows CE .NET 4.2 and has a 400 MHz Intel processor under the hood.  The Clio should ship in early 2005.

(via mobilepipeline)



I agree Frank. I suspect with such a large screen it will be closer to $1000 which will be a deal breaker for many.

Frank McPherson

Of course another question is, for how much? If this device is no cheaper than a Tablet PC or a notebook PC, it doesn’t stand a chance.

Price it at $500 or less and I wouldn’t be surprised if sold.

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