UK Broadband, no seriously


UK Broadband has started selling 8 megabits per second DSL broadband to its customers for about $55 a month. That’s cheaper than what speakeasy charges for its 6 MBPS connections.


Sebastien Louyot

No big surprise about that. In France, Neuf Telecom (disclaimer: this is the company I work for) has started offering 8 MBPS DSL for 14.90 ’Ǩ a month ($19.40). Options available are: unlimited VoIP phone calls for 9 ’Ǩ a month ($11.73) and 40 digital TV channels with dedicated Set-Top Box for 6 ’Ǩ a month ($7.82).

We expect to offer ADSL2+ before mid-2005 with rates up to 25 MBPS. Sounds crazy no? ;-)

Link: [Neuf Telecom](

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