Special thanks to two great bloggers


The past few days have been busy ones and that has resulted in my neglecting to mention something sooner.  There are two people who have supported jkOnTheRun very vocally and whose efforts on their own blogs no doubt helped jkOTR have such a great showing in the Independent Tech Blog Awards.  Both of these individuals even went as far as asking their readers to vote for jkOTR in the contest voting which is just incredible.

Marc Orchant has three blogs and I check them all daily.  He is a constant source of helpful information on a variety of subjects through his three great blogs- The Tablet PCs Weblog, The Office Weblog, and Marc’s Outlook on Productivity.  He is a productivity wizard, a Tablet PC expert and guru, and is always showing readers ways to improve their computing and production.

Iggy Kin is a fellow Texan and is one of the most outspoken supporters of the Tablet PC and he always has great commentary on his blog, Tablet PC hep!.  He doesn’t pull any punches when he thinks a particular point of view is wrong and he is quick to tell you when he agrees.  I always look forward to seeing what Iggy has to say about a particular subject and he never disappoints.

Both of these gentlemen provide a great service to the blogosphere and I really appreciate their continued support of jkOTR.  Thanks Marc and Iggy!


iggy kin

Thanks James, thats the nicest thing anyone has said about my blogging.
Your blog is obviously more useful and a better read than Groklaw. Keep it up.
thanks again

Marc Orchant

Wow James… thank *you*. I’m blushing.

Seriously – it’s one of the greatest things about blogging that we get to make these virtual connections and build community. And BTW, I agree with you about Iggy – the man tells it like he sees it!

Keep up your excellent work on jkOTR – it’s a must-read IMNSHO for anyone who computes on the move.

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