Soyo joins VoIP Party


SOYO Broadband Telephony, has joined the VoIP party with Z-Connect. The company says that with it products, “all users need to do is plug SOYO’s Z-Connect telephone, router or gateway into a broadband connection and immediately begin saving money on telephone bills. With the Z-Connect service, there are zero set-up fees, zero monthly fees, zero service contracts, zero software set-up and zero hidden charges.” And Zero profits? Soyo’s first two products are Z-Connect AVRO 3001 VoIP Router and the Z-Connect G668 IP Phone.



Every 2 bit entrepeneur, fresh with investor’s cash from their calling card days is starting a voip company. One day they hear about vonage and the next day they write a dubious business plan to be bigger than vonage. To them voip is an idea, they have no clue how hard it really is.


ha ha – well said aswath. i am getting a wee bit tired of all these annoucements but no discussion about making money. someone please tell me how are all these guys going to make money.


Of course they will make money on both outgoing (per minute) and incoming (per month) calls from/to PSTN. Skype clone? Shudder the thought.

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