HP mp3130 Portable Projector- small, light, and bright


Mp3130wingshires125 Business travelers who do a lot of presentations have been stuck when it comes to projectors.  With just a few exceptions the projectors small and light enough to offer convenient travel are usually low lumen (around 1100 lumens) projectors that don’t provide bright presentations.  Projectors with higher lumens (1500+) are usually either much larger and heavier or very expensive.  HP offers a projector that road warriors will really appreciate.  The mp3130 weighs in at a svelte 3.8 pounds and with the 1800 lumens it projects is one of the lightest and brightest projectors I’ve ever seen in this price class.  It features a unique design that has the projector standing upright and is certainly distinctive.

The projector is just over 4 pounds when it is coupled with the optional Smart Attachment Module (SAM) that adds a CompactFlash slot that supports CompactFlash memory cards (both Type I and Type II) and SD memory cards (via an adapter), as well as compatible CompactFlash WiFi cards for wireless communications with a WiFi-equipped notebook or desktop computer.  The mp3130 will set you back $2699 and the SAM module adds another $600.

(via Corporate Media News)

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