Dear IE, I’m leaving you for good


TechRepublic has a letter from CNET editor Robert Vamosi telling Internet Explorer goodbye.  Clever read and right on factually.

Dear Internet Explorer:

It’s over. Our relationship just hasn’t been working for a while, and now, this is it. I’m leaving you for another browser.

I know this isn’t a good time–you’re down with yet another virus. I do hope you feel better soon–really, I do–but I, too, have to move on with my life. Fact is, in the entire time I’ve known you, you seem to always have a virus or an occasional worm. You should really see a doctor.

That said, I just can’t continue with this relationship any longer. I know you say you’ll fix things, that next time it’ll go better–but that’s what you said the last time–and the time before that. Each time I believed you…

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