ritePen bundled with Sony U-750P


Sony selects EverNote Corp. software for new Vaio U Ultra Personal Computer

Sunnyvale, CA – Nov. 16, 2004 – EverNote(tm) Corporation today announced that Sony Corporation is using EverNote Corp.’s ritePen® advanced handwriting recognition software with its Vaio® U Ultra Personal PC.

The Vaio U is designed to double as a portable PC and entertainment hub, allowing users to download content and enjoy it virtually anywhere they go. It can also be used like a tablet, complete with EverNote’s ritePen advanced handwriting recognition software for instant text input.

ritePen allows users to intelligently navigate the desktop and write on the full screen in smooth electronic ink – and their handwriting is automatically converted into text and entered into target applications. Built on EverNote’s next-generation handwriting recognition engine, ritePen understands any handwritten style, does not require learning or training, and allows users to write continuously, in whole sentences, automatically segmenting handwriting into words and lines.

"Powerful handwriting recognition and flexible note-taking systems are essential components for our Vaio U users," said Hiroshi Iwanami, General Manager of the Mobile Products R&D Group for Sony Corporation. "Combined with EverNote Corp.’s strength in note management solutions, we’re offering the most compact multimedia PC on the market."

Sony’s Vaio U weighs about 1 pound, has a 5-inch display, includes an integrated 802.11 b/g wireless LAN and Intel® Ultra Low Voltage Pentium® M processor, Windows XP Professional operating system. A full featured, lightweight handheld, the Vaio U can be physically or wirelessly connected to an external display, eliminating the need for synchronizing applications, multiple operating platforms and software licenses.

"We are excited to be working with Sony, whose new UPC looks to quickly become the portable device of choice for consumers and mobile professionals," said Leonid Kitainik, Executive Vice President for EverNote. "Vaio U users will benefit from a powerful text entry and note management solution with advanced handwriting recognition anytime, anyplace."


ritePen is available for a one month free evaluation and for commercial licensing.

EverNote 1.0 for Windows, ritePen’s sister note management product, is currently in a public beta. Both software products are available at www.evernote.com.

About EverNote Corporation

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, EverNote Corporation is a provider of note management, digital ink and handwriting recognition software and technologies for the PC, mobile and wireless markets. Please visit www.evernote.com for more information.



The U can be connected to an external monitor through the dock or a dongle. In this scenario it is just like hooking a monitor up to a laptop.

Jedi Jah

“the Vaio U can be physically or wirelessly connected to an external display”

Does this mean it can be use like one of those fargone Microsoft “MIRA” devices??

Just a question since I know you have one of these and is the reason I’m intrested in getting one once it is released here.

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