Miniket- video, audio, voice


Miniket Samsung is soon to release a unique device that attempts to do a lot of different functions while exhibiting such a small form factor.  The Miniket is a camera, video camera, MP3 player, voice recorder, file storage device and a web cam.  The tiny gadget probably won’t excel in any one area but initial impression it will be a useful device to take on trips.  Media is recorded in two ways, into internal memory or onto Memory Stick 2-in-1 Pro cards.  The Miniket will be offered with 3 different memory configurations- 128MB/ 256MB/ 1GB.  Connection to the PC is through a small docking cradle with a USB connection.

Samsung has recently put up a nice web site showing off all the capabilities of the Miniket.  No word yet on pricing nor ETA.

(Samsung via I4U)

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