USB On-The-Go


Sitecom_usb_go"This USB On-The-Go-Copy Box provides you with a very simple way of copying data between USB devices without having to use a PC. This makes it possible, for example, to copy data from a digital camera to a memory card or hard disc from any location with a single press of a button."  And it does all this on 3 AAA batteries.  This is very good mobile tech and so obvious why hasn’t anyone done this before?

(Sitecom via The Red Ferret Journal)



The Syncbox II won’t be available for a few more months. Macally sales recommended this product and it is the best device I have found for copying data from a camera to hard drive or other storage device: Aleratec USB Copy Cruiser Plus. It even comes with built in 8 in 1 card reader. Will work with Mass storage devices and PTP devices.


How long does the batteries last if the target device is a USB HDD?

Jason Schapiro

I’m not completely sure, but I’d guess Q1 2005. The only downside of these kind of devices is that they stilll run on USB 1.1, but putting USB 2.0 onto the syncbox would definitely raise its $50 MSRP, which IMHO is an awesome price!

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