Podcasting question


I want to indulge in this thing called Podcasting. Now is there a software that would allow me to basically take the DSS files from my Olympus digital recorder and turn them into MP3 format. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.


Jonathan Greene

As has been noted you can do the conversion in iTunes if you save as AIFF. I’ve also had great success converting audio (of many formats) using SoundConverter, which is a great little shareware app.

Giorgio Baresi

You can open the AIFF file with iTunes, then right click (pardon, ctrl-click) the AIFF file in iTunes and select “convert to Mp3”. If this option doesn’t appear go to iTunes > Preferences > Import, set “Mp3 converter and then retry.


Since i am using it on a Mac, the files can be saved as AIFF files. can these be convered to MP3 files?


Its kind of complicated – you can save the dss file as .wav file in the dss player software – then go to MusicMatch (or any other ripping software) and convert .wav file to mp3.

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