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Microsoft’s Real Problem

The New York Times:: The incipient rise of Firefox, some analysts say, points to an inherent weakness in a fundamental Microsoft business strategy: tying more and more products and features to its monopoly product, the Windows operating system. Internet Explorer is tightly bound to Windows, a move that Microsoft says improves the browser’s performance.

3 Responses to “Microsoft’s Real Problem”

  1. Agreed. One of my bigger gripes with Windows is that, to this day, users perform routine system upgrades by pointing their *browser* to Once there, as far as a typical user will understand, the *browser* performs the operating system upgrade. I find this a very very bad thing to get users accustomed to. Try to get them to NOT click “Yes” on every ActiveX dialog they see after that. Pwah.

  2. funny as it may seem but this was the real point of the whole story and it was completely buried. i guess the whole story was sexier. anyway i thinking tyoing too many things to one OS is a bit of a problem for Microsoft.