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jkOnTheRun voted 6th in Best Independent Tech Blog contest!

Readerschoicelogo2a_4CMP Media’s TechWeb Network has announced the results of the voting for the first annual Best Independent Tech Blog Readers Choice Awards.  I am very pleased to announce that in addition to being named a top ten finalist jkOnTheRun achieved 6th place in the overall voting.  This is a phenomenal achievement for a blog that did not even exist six months ago and it is a direct results of you great readers for voting for jkOTR.  This is quite unbelievable to me personally and I thank every one of you.  To make it in the top ten was quite a rush but this is the best!  You know it’s a tough contest, too, when Slashdot only finishes 4th!

The final results in order of vote ranking:

1.   Groklaw
2.   AliceandBill
3.   CrackTalk
4.   Slashdot
5.   Daily Dose of Excel
6.   jkOnTheRun
7.   Longhorn Blogs
8.   The Enterprise System Spectator
9.   Smallbiztechnology
10. VarLinux

The TechWeb site has full details including voter’s comments about each web site. 

The comments posted by jkOTR voters are just terrific:

"What voters said about jkOnTheRun…

He’s simply the best there is. Great site interface. Proper attribution to linked URLs. Current, timely updates, and good writing style. And he’s a real end user of the technology he covers!

Excellent tech tips and advice. They beat the other guys in posting timely tech news.

Gives down to earth, useful information–including pictures–for those of us who aren’t techies. I’m very interested in mobile computing and tablet PC’s and learn from his thoughts on the subject.

Good coverage of mobile tech and the application of it in daily routine.

It is well written and gives good opinion.

Because on jkontherun I can read about the everyday use of new gadgets."

Congratulations to all the finalists!

16 Responses to “jkOnTheRun voted 6th in Best Independent Tech Blog contest!”

  1. I’d like to thank each and every one of you. Rick, PA, Kevin, BobR, McDeb, yvilla. You folks rock and your views are greatly appreciated. BTW, in case you didn’t know it McDeb did the great banner for jkOTR!

  2. Congratulations! You should be very proud of your accomplishments. Hard work, dedication and simply doing your best for all the right reasons certainly pays off every time. Great job! Move over Slashdot! :)

  3. Blogging is a phenomemon.

    I think knowledgeable people such as yourself and enthusiasts have a platform on the Net using this medium.

    As any other writer, your pen and effort will equal your following.

    You’ve earned it! Congrats!

    How tiring is it? :)

  4. Rick Maiman

    Hearty Congratultions and MegaKudo’s to you for placing in the TechWeb’s ten best competition. BUT – after looking at all the winners, I still think, from my wholly, unbiased (but really biased) opinion, your site is the best. Ontherun clearly looks the best, allows for very concise reading, linking, and determination from the reader’s point of view if an item warrants more in depth consideration. As we say in journalism your info’s got legs… keep “running” fella. My best to your ongoing endeavors; yer press dawg, Rick Maiman in New York. PS, Looks to me like my comment about your site was one of the readers comments used by TW in your site writeup!