IM better than phone, email


Siemens Business Services (SBS), recently conducted a survey of 300 white collar workers, and found that IM is quickly eclipsing the use of e-mail and the telephone at work. The reason? IM increases productivity, according to 78% of respondents. The Siemens survey reveals that 76 percent of employees send fewer emails and 84 percent make fewer phone calls because they accomplish their communications through IM. I have been saying that IM is the real killer app.



If it was a telecommunication company, not such a bad move in fact as IM is surely going to cannibalise their standard business.


I guess that would be a good Dumbest 101 moments candidate for Business 2.0’s annual list

Jesse Kopelman

I used to work at a certain company that was recently acquired in a very large and well publicized merger. This company did not allow the use of popular IM clients on the corporate network. Also, despite being a telecommunications company, telecommuting was frowned upon.

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