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DRM to Go: Protecting Mobile Content

With mobile content becoming increasingly popular and profitable, people are now talking about how to protect that content with mobile DRM. From broadcasting television to mobiles to allowing customers to forward music to a friend that can be heard only a few times before dissappearing, telcos, media companies and content owners are racing to find a profitable business model. This article has a broader scope though, talking about enterprise level DRM – protecting a companies information on the mobile devices of its employees.
Some interesting quotes include:
“If someone is a music evangelist and spreads the word about how good a certain song is, then he should get something in return”
“Since no E-DRM solution can stop the leaking of information, the only plausible scenario for DRM here would be to hide malfeasances, not prevent them.”
“We’ve never cared that advances in devices such as television and radio evoke a panic response in entertainment companies. Now we worry about providing entertainment companies with assurances that their content isn’t being used against their wishes.”