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Blinkx 2.0

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Desktop search tool, Blinkx is out with version 2.0. Paul K has come around and likes what the tiny company is doing with the product. He has doubts about the future and business model, and I do too. The management is one issue, the competition is another. I had hoped they would be in a strong position, but then who really knows what start-ups really do. They are under executing. I think they are going to become a buyout candidate soon enough. Still like the software, even if it means using Microsoft XP. Meanwhile falling in love slowly with ActiveWords and QuickSilver.

10 Responses to “Blinkx 2.0”

  1. I installed Blinkx 1.0 after reading about it here and liked it, however 2.0 has progessed massively…full c drive, p2p, smart folders,SIS etc If this is a 20 person company they must be doing alot more than spin…thats a serious lot of programming for 2 months..or are they like 200 people now?

  2. Well whatever you think of the company the product is pretty good and its free..if you are right Om we had better get it before MSFT buys em. It seems strange an ex head of Yahoo would join them if there is no master plan but you might be right. Desktop, smart folders , p2p and implicity query in one works for me.

  3. Some comments here: so I was the first one to champion these guys, and still love the product. however, competition means traction in the market place, resources, aggressiveness of the management, and of course last but not the least, a revenue model. those, and not the technology issues, which pose a doubt in my mind. Competition means inferior products with dominant market share, aka Microsoft Windows and Moveable Type for starters. Its about execution of the game plan, and Blinkx is lagging. They are spending too much time on spin, PR and publicity when they should be worrying about a business model that pays the bills.

  4. Smart folders is a great concept. What I like about it is the amount of information it collects for me. I really like being able to get all my info from one place, even docs from P2P networks.

  5. leslie, it won’t mess up your machine. i left my computer on overnite and in hte morning it had indexed my entire 60gig hd, and had filled the ‘smart’ folder i set up with a bunch of word, video and web documents on exactly what i was looking for. i can’t believe they actually made this- going froward, ik wont even have to be at my pc to do research.

  6. What is that new blinkx smart folders thing all about? I heard it tidies your PC automatically. Mine could do with that, but does anyone know whether it works, yet? I don’Äôt want to download things that mess up my machine even more.

  7. Blinkx v.2.0 is way ahead of all competition with smart folders right now, did you know that microsoft has had this in the works for quite a while now. its intersting that such a small company was able to come out with these before microsoft. i am very impressed with blinkx and i do believe it will only get better…

  8. Competition, what competition? They are a million miles ahead of google, copernic etc. The smart folder functionality is really impressive. For a small company, they sure are taking great leaps with the technology.

  9. The app seems great especially smartfolders which are a clever idea..its preety useful how they just update themselves.

    I haven’y seen the competiton do this yet but I guess it will come. What is it you don’t likeabout the CEO, the website sayts he ex head of Europe for yahoo