Dvorak does VoIP, Doesn’t Have a Clue

John Dvorak is a, make that was a great columnist. In the PC era, no one could hold a candle to the man. He was quick, witty and had a real sense of what was going on in the history. But these days it is a chore reading his stuff. Take his most recent, muddled, opinion-without-any-knowledge column in PC magazine about VoIP.

If you wonder why DSL services have often deteriorated, it is because good DSL invites VoIP. Bad DSL, on the contrary, keeps it at bay. This, to me, explains the fact that cable modems have continued to hold and even gain in market share.

What? Didn’t I just read the Verizon is boosting DSL speeds to 3 megabits per second on its DSL? Or that Verizon has it own VoIP offering, aka VoiceWing. Here is another masterpiece of a suggestion from him.

If you want to call someone on a PSTN system, then use a cell phone. If computer users all agreed on a set standard for PC/Internet-based phone services, most of us could easily connect for free, especially if quality-of-service protocols were implemented. Just a thought.

Can you hear me laugh right now….. well given that he is writing for PC Mag, I can’t blame him for PC centric view of the world. Regardless, its an idea which means human beings change their ways to adapt to a technology. Isn’t adapting technology to human behavior a more doable task. Think about this …. Oh I have to call Andy, so I must Skype him. And if I have to call mom who doesn’t have a computer, then must use cell phone. I will tape this and listen to this when I am sleeping…. so that I don’t forget who to call using which technology.


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