Yes Virginia, there is a Google browser

I have seen countless articles recently discussing Google’s in-house development of a web browser.  A Google browser would certainly help the giant company finish taking over the web and give Microsoft something besides Firefox to worry about.  There have also been a number of articles denying categorically that Google is working on a browser for a number of reasons.  I don’t have any information one way or another but I saw something today for the first time that gives me pause to wonder.  I watch jkOTR stats daily to keep track of how the site is performing and one of the most interesting stats is the browser share statistic.  That is the the statistic that tells me each browser that visits the site and graphs it on a pie chart.  I have been interested in this as it has been nothing short of phenomenal to track the growth of Firefox through the visitors to jkOnTheRun.  Anyway, I checked it today and what I saw in the browser stats has never appeared before today:


The second browser in the stats above is the Google 2.x browser.  I don’t know if this confirms the existence of a Google browser but this browser has never appeared in my stats before.  Anybody else seen this?

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